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H. Forbes Charter Services is the winner of the prestigious Cacique award for excellence in transportation. This prestigious award is to honor the Bahamas finest in tourism. H. Forbes Charter Services is built upon the vision of a courageous entrepreneur who had the insight to see the need for a service orientated tour company on Grand Bahama Island.
H. Forbes Charter Services was founded on May 16, 1966. Since then, H. Forbes Charter Services has built a concrete foundation of companies making it the largest tour company and provider of ground transportation on Grand Bahama Island.
Our company strategy is simple: to create a company that exceeds clients' wildest dreams and expectations. We strive to provide our clients with exceptional service. Locations open 7 days a week in the International Bazaar.
Group orientations are also available. DMC Services upon request. We are able to customize our services to work with your budget. Let us know your budget and we will do the rest.
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